Microbit on the Voice

Show a micro:bit of Support for Your Favourite Voice Finalist

  If you’ve been watching The Voice as devotedly as I have, you might have caught a glimpse of the BBC micro:bit a being shown off by the judges. (If you missed it, you can catch it over on the BBC’s iPlayer.) They’ve teamed up and now you can use your micro:bit to show off who’s […]

BBC micro:bit Stemettes

Find your STEM Spark with the Stemettes

  micro:chat   The unknown can be scary. Micro:bits are new. How do we make them old friends that we feel comfortable kicking about with? Our resident talker, Sam, gets some great advice from Anne-Marie Imafidon, co-founder of the Stemettes. Background:   The Stemettes are cool. Their mission is to inspire the next generation of […]

Teacher BBC micro:bit Projects | Martyn Walker

Micro:bit Gadgets Talk with a Teacher

  micro:chat  Recently, Lee spoke to Martyn Walker, a teacher and technology enthusiast. They had a quick (but enlightening!) chat about the BBC micro:bit. Micro:bit Gadgets What’s your job title? Martyn Walker Teacher of Computer Science and ICT MBG Where do you teach?  MW Paignton Community and Sports Academy Teacher Martyn and his faithful companion MBG What were […]

David Whale holding BBC micro:bit

Micro:bit Gadgets Chat with David Whale

  micro:chat Let’s get inside the great mind of BBC micro:bit evangelist David Whale. He’s the genius behind our micro:bit theremin code. If you’re playing the Perfect Pancake game, that’s also one of his. Over to the man himself.   MBG What’s the code you’re most proud of? The mysterious TRIG deep sea tracker. Photo […]

The BBC micro:bit | Micro:bit Gadgets News

Take Up IET’s BBC micro:bit Challenge!

  This year The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) are challenging students to find solutions using the BBC micro:bit. The device, with its easily programmed interface and numerous input methods, seems pretty perfect for giving students a peek into the many ways technology can be used to solve problems in real life. The things […]

Microbit gadgets and games

The BBC micro:bits are Coming!

  The final, final deadline has been announced. The date has been confirmed. Tuesday, March 22nd all you registered student and teachers will be receiving your BBC micro:bits. It’s been an arduous slog. But the response from those lucky enough to have already played around with a micro:bit (including us) has been overwhelmingly positive. Hopefully […]

BBC Microbit in Action | Microbit Gadgets News

Ground Control to Micro:bit

  106,000ft is around 32km. Watch out for those meteors! This might be the coolest BBC micro:bit project we’ve seen so far. Certainly the winner of ‘Most Out of This World’. Pete Bell, Chief Examiner GCSE ICT and CAS Master Teacher, and some pupils from Rishworth School sent a micro:bit into space! Rising to an incredible 32,351 metres […]

BBC Microbit Gadgets | World Tour

BBC micro:bit World Tour

  Check out this awesome github site for the micro:bit World Tour! All super stars launch a world tour at some point. Naturally, their adoring public needs to bask in their magnificence.  The micro:bit is no exception. So standby as micro:bits swirl across the planet, spreading joy, interest in MicroPython coding language and the awesome […]

Microbit Samsung App

BBC micro:bit Samsung App

  The hotly awaited Samsung app for the BBC micro:bit has finally been released, and just in time! Sources claim that this week will see the wider release of micro:bits to Year 7 students in registered schools.  The folks over at Samsung have been kind enough to make it extremely user friendly. On first opening it will guide […]

BBC Microbit Gadgets for Parents

BBC micro:bit Live Lesson

  On Wednesday, 24th February, the BBC will be hosting micro:bit Live Lesson. Featuring special guest experts from across the fields of coding and robotics, the Lesson will be introducing students to the micro:bit. There will be digital pets, secret messaging programs, robotic designs. What more could you want! The Live Lesson aims to encourage […]