Microbit Samsung App

BBC micro:bit Samsung App


The hotly awaited Samsung app for the BBC micro:bit has finally been released, and just in time! Sources claim that this week will see the wider release of micro:bits to Year 7 students in registered schools. 

The folks over at Samsung have been kind enough to make it extremely user friendly. On first opening it will guide you through the process of pairing the Android device and micro:bit together. From then on it only gets as difficult as the code you decide to write.

BBC Microbit App on Samsung

Screenshot of the app, taken from Samsung's website.

The 'connections' screen will allow the user to pair new micro:bits to the device, as well as alter settings for those already connected. Talk about a great opportunity for swarming! And, like in the micro:bit World Tour, you can assign names to each of the paired micro:bits. This will definitely come in handy if you've got any siblings with their own micro:bits, as it means the whole family can code from the same app without affecting the wrong one.

The app saves previously created codes to be flashed straight to the micro:bit. – no cables required – making it super handy for coding on the go. You'll need something to power up your micro:bit if you're going to flash from your app, though. Check out our handy essentials list to see what you'll need for to keep those LEDs shining when you're on the move.

You can also create new codes in the app and flash them to your micro:bit, or find inspiration in 'Discover'. The only way that this app could get any better is if it'd do your homework for you, while you get to create cool new codes.

In the top left you'll notice easy access to the menu screen, which helpfully hosts the help guides, just in case you get a bit stuck.

No word yet on the release date for ScienceScope's dedicated iOS app. Fortunately Touch Develop works on iOS (and Android, Windows, Mac and Linux).