BBC Microbit Gadgets | World Tour

BBC micro:bit World Tour


Check out this awesome github site for the micro:bit World Tour!

All super stars launch a world tour at some point. Naturally, their adoring public needs to bask in their magnificence.  The micro:bit is no exception. So standby as micro:bits swirl across the planet, spreading joy, interest in MicroPython coding language and the awesome worldwide Python community.

BBC micro:bit World Tour MicroPythonEach of their micro:bits has been given a name and you can click on each at the top of their home page to

check out the route it has taken so far.

Here’s how this works:

  • The group gives five micro:bits to five people they know.
  • Those five people have one week to learn about the micro:bit and create something cool with it.
  • After a week they report back to the group. This might be in the form of a video, links to blog posts or simply even an explanation about a trick they've come up with.

Go to README in their code repository for all the info. This is the kind of person they’re really really keen to help them out.

BBC Microbit Gadgets | World Tour

Screenshot of the World Tour map, taken from the Micro:bit Worldtour website



So we know the Micro:bit world tour is happening now. How do you get involved if you’re not a super-code-genius-computer geek who has previously written code for the INternational Space Station. The answer is you are probably perfect:

Micro:bit World Tour are especially looking for you:

  • If you're from a background which isn't well-represented in most geeky groups, get involved - we want to help you make a difference.
  • If you're from a background which is well-represented in most geeky groups, get involved - we want your help making a difference.
  • If you're worried about not being technical enough, get involved - your fresh perspective will be invaluable.
  • If you think you're an imposter, get involved.
  • If your day job isn't code, get involved.
  • This isn't a group of experts, just people.
  • We are interested in the educational, social and technical problems.
  • This is a new community. No-one knows what they are doing.

This is a wicked opportunity for the unusual suspects to get involved in the micro:bit revolution.