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The unknown can be scary. Micro:bits are new. How do we make them old friends that we feel comfortable kicking about with? Our resident talker, Sam, gets some great advice from Anne-Marie Imafidon, co-founder of the Stemettes.


The Stemettes are cool. Their mission is to inspire the next generation of girls and women into STEM fields. They’ve been rolling out panel events, hackathons, exhibitions and mentoring schemes for the last few years. My advice to you: check them out!


Micro:bit Gadgets
Are there issues getting kids of different ages interested in STEM?

Anne-Marie Imafidon
We’ve found that age has really been nothing but a number with us. The beauty of STEM itself is that it’s creative. The more knowledge you have the more you can do.


BBC micro:bit Stemettes

The Student to Stemette programme, supported by Deutsche Bank. Click to find out more!

Unwrap that for me!

So the knowledge a 5 year old might have might be less than an 11 year old but whatever they have they can go forth and build and be creative!


Do you think inevitably some people might not be up for using them?

Some will find it a steep learning curve into computing. But then some people would rather have the freshest pair of Nikes than buy something that they’ve not really tried before.


Which is fair enough. But what if people can't really see themselves represented in the field.

If you come to a Stemettes hack it’s likely you’ve never done it before. You come and you get hooked! All of our events are free and have free food for the girls. If you aren't a girl you can go to Code Kingdoms or Raspberry Jam or whatever it may be.

Interview by Micro:bit Gadget's Sam Rowe

Here’s some more info on Stemette events if you know someone who needs some extra help finding that STEM spark!

BBC micro:bit Stemettes

Anne-Marie and a budding Stemette! Image courtesy of the Stemettes.

Outbox Incubator, a business incubator for female entrepreneurs; and a mentoring programme, the Student to Stemette programme supported by Deutsche Bank. AND they've just launched their very first app, OtotheB! It's crammed with awesome features for the budding Stemette. If you're a girl and want to get involved with STEM activities you couldn't do better than seeing if there's a Stemette event near you.


If you aren't lucky enough to be a girl and want to get involved with STEM activities, check out our page on The IET for some inspiration.