So, Your Child Just Received Their Micro:bit

and you have no idea what they're talking about

BBC Microbit Gadgets for Parents
Don't Feel Left Out, the Micro:bit is Easier Than You Think


For those of us old enough to have used the BBC Micro Computer in school, we were part of a revolution in computer programming. But decades on, the basic programming skills and understanding that many of us gained through this BBC funded project are absent from lessons.  All of our children need to be given the chance to learn coding, and changes to the curriculum in 2014 just needed a bit of a tech boost to make this a reality.

Step forward the BBC Micro:bit. Owing a great deal to its 80s forerunner, this super-fun Single Board Computer as it’s known, could set all this straight. We’ve been lucky enough to get hold of one to play around with, and it certainly has the magic factor that could get thousands of kids hooked on coding and computers once again. With the Microbit arriving late in schools this academic year, we hope the learning journey will continue into the summer holidays and beyond.


There are various bits of peripheral kit that kids will need to unlock the full potential of the microbit, including leads and connectors that, while inexpensive, open the door to a host of projects and challenges. Wherever we review a new project here on Microbit Gadgets, we try to link to the online sellers, either for the kit itself or for the various resources needed, so you can make sure that come the school holidays, you’ll have everything you need.


Check out our list of essential microbit items here.


And we’ll keep on top of new developments and official BBC events that children can attend to help keep building their learning.  Check out our news page for the latest updates about events near you.


We do encourage everyone to send in their ideas and pictures of their microbit project successes and failures via our Contact Page below! Most crucially, however, we do not allow anyone to publish their own content directly on the site -- there are no community pages -- so your children can use this site in safety with no risk of seeing messages from or being contacted by other adults or children at any time.