There are a few BBC micro:bit Cases Out There

Why not give one a try?

We love the BBC micro:bit. That might be pretty obvious. We love it so much that if our micro:bit got broken we'd be pretty upset. Fortunately there are a whole handful of cases ready to be purchased or 3D printed! 

My Mini Factory are hosting a whole host (see what I did there) of cases that you can use the school 3D printer to make. Or if you're lucky enough to have a 3D printer at home then you can print as many as you want, any time you want. Most of the cases on My Mini Factory serve a specific purpose, and come with a code you can flash to your micro:bit. Luck you!

Kitronik have made two really rugged looking cases to keep your micro:bit safe. They're called 'mi:pro' and you can click the button below to find out a bit more about them. They might not look as exciting as the 3D printable ones but they will sure keep your micro:bits safe. And they're perfect if you're thinking of building any micro:robotics any time soon!