3D Printable Cases for the BBC micro:bit


We hoped that the big BBC micro:bit rollout would lead to some awesome 3D printed cases and boy, were we right! Some of you lucky people might have a 3D printer at home but for those who don't hopefully you can get hold of one at school. I've put together a list of my top ten favourite cases.

All of the cases are hosted on My Mini Factory so you can download all the source codes for free and print to your heart's content. And although some of them require codes to go with the case, all of the pages have useful coding tutorials. (Probably best to check with whoever owns the 3D printer whether they mind you using all their filament up, first!) Now, in no particular order...

3D printer cases for BBC micro:bit

1. The Binary Watch

This case lets you sit that micro:bit on your wrist and wear it as a watch. Of course, first you'll have to solve how to code your micro:bit to work as a watch. Luckily, the binary watch case comes with handy instructions for the code, too.

2. The Compass

For all you intrepid travellers out there, here's a case (and code) to turn your micro:bit into a handy compass. With this at hand you'll never get lost, and with its cool chain, you'll never lose it!

3. The Game Bit

I remember getting my first ever Game Boy. It was a special edition Pokémon one. Now I get to turn my micro:bit into a Game Boy inspired gaming machine! It comes with a remix of Space Invaders and some other games, but is also functions as a pretty handy case for whatever code is running on it, thanks to the transparent filament.

4. The Doorbell

A favourite of mine. This case turns the micro:bit into a multi-purpose doorbell. Stick it next to your front door and dare people who come over to try their luck! Hopefully your guests will have all their fingers by the time you've opened the door.

5. The Open Case

This case was made by My Mini Factory for the unveiling of the BBC micro:bit. It's nice and simple and can be printed in only 30 minutes! It keeps your micro:bit nice and safe but lets you show off the LEDs.

6. The Racing Wheel

Turn your micro:bit into a steering wheel and race away with its cool car racing code. This case is pretty snazzy. The Instructions are really detailed, too, which means you'll get to learn some Computer Aided Design on the way.

7. The Thermometer

Now it's supposed to be getting a bit warmer, why not turn your micro:bit into a thermometer and find out if any records are getting broken. Print out this cool (geddit) case and get your micro:bit sensing.

8. The Egg Timer

Pop your micro:bit into this cracking case and you'll never have to worry about getting your eggs all runny in the middle again!

9. The Bit:Pong

Turn your micro:bit into a whopping great table tennis game with this very impressive case. You can play alone or start a competition with your friends! The micro:bit records your score, so see if you can make it to fifty, or ever one-hundred!

10. The Basket Bit

Had enough of chucking homework into the bin and pretending it's a basketball hoop? This case might not be very manoeuvrable but once it's set up you won't want to take your micro:bit out! Or at least, I haven't.