These Kitronic Cases Will Keep Your BBC micro:bit Safe



So you've got your new BBC micro:bit. But it's looking a bit flimsy. You're worried it might get broken if you take a tumble in the playground. Don't fear! Kitronik are here with a couple of handy cases to keep your new bit of kit nice and safe.

Rugged BBC micro:bit Cases by Kitronik

BBC micro:bit casesFirst up, The MI:pro Mountable Case. It
 features two keyhole mounting slots for mounting your micro:bit onto 3D printed boards, motor kits, robo kits – anything you can think of! Perfect for budding makers looking to start building. The transparent case shows off the micro:bit’s LEDs but keeps the safe and covered. And, handily, the case keeps all the important bits, like the buttons and USB port, easily accessible. It also leaves the bottom pins uncovered, meaning you can use one a breakout boards or use your jumper cables without any faffing about. 

There's some boring specs you can read, if you really want to.


The second case comes in the form of The MI:pro Protector Case. Unlike the Mountable Case, it does not (you guessed it!) have mounting slots for connecting your micro:bit to projects or people. However, it is a portable protective case, allowing a battery pack can be attached to the back. This makes it perfect for the travelling gadgeteer. Like the Mountable Case, the Protector Case keeps the bottom pins open and free for use, as well as making sure the buttons, ports, etc. are all easily accessible. And it's transparent, too, so those awesome LED lights will be on full show.

Kitronik Micro:bit CaseThis case is probably a bit less useful for building robotic stuff, since you can't mount it. Instead, it'll be great for those portable projects, like our music making ones!


Again, if you really want to know more about the height and the width of the case, you can find them over on Kitronik's website.