History of the BBC’s micro:revolution

It’s 1981 – WHAM!

Wham | Microbit History

…er no not the band ..35 years ago that was the sound of the BBC Microcomputer landing on school doorsteps

BBC Microcomputer Launches

BBC Micro | Microbit Gadgets

This thing was massive and very bery beige!It took 2 eleven year olds just to lift it!

Fun Times!

Using the BBC Micro | Microbit Gadgets

But it helped create a generation of young computer gamers and programmers — but mostly gamers — and a technology industry was born.

Fast Forward 35 Years…

BBC Microbit | Microbit Gadgets

……. and its upstart nephew the micro:bit (hooray!) is set to shake up classrooms all over the UK. This tiny contender for the title may be a 70th of the size and 617 times lighter, but it can process code 18 times faster than its chunky 80s uncle. That’s pretty goshdarn swift.

It’s fun, it’s funky and it’s here to stay. We’ve scoured the internet to find the coolest most fun ways to put it to the test. Check them out here.