Microbit on the Voice

Show a micro:bit of Support for Your Favourite Voice Finalist


If you've been watching The Voice as devotedly as I have, you might have caught a glimpse of the BBC micro:bit a being shown off by the judges. (If you missed it, you can catch it over on the BBC's iPlayer.) They've teamed up and now you can use your micro:bit to show off who's your favourite finalist.

Show your support for The Voice Finalist on BBC micro:bit

Lyrickal's EQ code looks awesome on the micro:bit! He's a music geek like I am.

Lyrickal is my favourite finalist on The Voice. He's so cool! His voice is crazy and he's a sci-fi nerd like me. Plus, I met will.i.am once and he said I had a great sense of style, so I had to pick someone on his team.

Lyrickal's code probably wasn't my favourite out of all the ones I flashed to my micro:bit. My favourite was Lauren's. Her disco dancer code is amazing! There's one for each of the finalists, so head over to the special Voice micro:bit page and pick one out.

The great thing about these codes is that they're all pretty simple to design. Why don't you make your own code, using one of theirs as a base. Also a great idea for those of you who can't choose a favourite!

They've also got an awesome ping-pong game for you to play, made by the program's host, Marvin. I've spent a good hour playing it already! Probably should have been doing work but still...Lyrickal Code for The Voice on BBC micro:bit

You can also see the hosts chat about the micro:bit. Nice.

Now, I'll be showing off my Lyrickal code on Saturday April 2nd.

I am hoping he gets through to the final four! It’s at a time like this I wish I had multiple micro:bits. One to devote to my campaign to make Lyrickal win The Voice and the other to build one of Micro:bit Gadgets website brilliant music projects to play along while watching.