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Take Up IET’s BBC micro:bit Challenge!


This year The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) are challenging students to find solutions using the BBC micro:bit. The device, with its easily programmed interface and numerous input methods, seems pretty perfect for giving students a peek into the many ways technology can be used to solve problems in real life. The things that can be done with the micro:bit are almost limitless!

Right now The IET are in the process of running their annual Faraday Challenge Days which are packed full of engineering fun for year 7 students. They are run across 68 schools and 12 uThe IET BBC micro:bitniversities. It sounds like an awesome day, providing students the opportunity to research, design and prototype solutions for realistic scenarios. What a way to demonstrate the skills learnt in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects. If you've ever given a sigh because the algebra or graph plotting you're doing seems pointless and impractical, these days will show you how important they are!

The winners of each event will win a trophy for their school and individual prizes for the members of the winning team. But that's not all. The top three teams in the country will receive an all expenses paid trip to the National Final in June, where they'll be competing

for a £1000 cash prize for their school! Blimey.

If your school wasn't successful in applying to host a Faraday Challenge Day, or you've only just found out about it, don't worry! The IET have some great materials for hosting your own DIY Faraday Challenge Day. It comes with six different challenges, and all the resources you'll need

The BBC micro:bit

The BBC micro:bit in all its glory

to run the event in your school. With the big micro:bit rollout right around the corner, it's the perfect time to DIY and spend a day building and solving.

That's not the only thing the IET are up to! Next week they're in Coventry to kick off their Coding the Future series of events. It's on March 22nd, which, for those of you unaware, coincides with the big micro:bit rollout. Coding the Future will give students and parents a chance to get to know their brand new micro:bits a bit better. There will be experts on the scene to give hints and tips for how to get the most out of the device, as well as information on getting into STEM careers! Sounds like a great day out. You can find out where your nearest event is and apply for a free place over at the Coding the Future website.