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The BBC micro:bits are Coming!


The final, final deadline has been announced. The date has been confirmed. Tuesday, March 22nd all you registered student and teachers will be receiving your BBC micro:bits. It's been an arduous slog. But the response from those lucky enough to have already played around with a micro:bit (including us) has been overwhelmingly positive. Hopefully there'll be news on how the general public can get hold of one soon.

If you're a student or teacher expecting delivery of a brand new micro:bit, don't you check out our projects. We have all sorts, from dice to danger.

BBC micro:bit codes, news and information

Small but mighty!

We've also got news and information on those essential items you'll want to pick up when the micro:bit arrives!

Here at Micro:bit Gadgets we want you to get the most out of your new device. So keep checking back for updated projects, interviews and even some competitions! We'll make sure you're ahead of the game when it comes to the micro:bit. 

We think the BBC micro:bit is going to make a big change to how students approach STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities – in a good way! But we also know that not everyone will quite get their heads around how to use the device. We also know that not everyone will want to spend their free time and money on maxing out their micro:bit. That's why we will also be showcasing STEM events and activities for those who are a bit wary of sticking their toes into the world of micro:bit. We love the device, and we think all of you will too.

If you haven't registered your school yet, don't worry, time isn't quite gone! If you're a teacher, visit the BBC website and sign up.